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Hero dog leads rescuers to owner who falls 70 feet from hike



  • Border collie Saul and his owner were out on a night’s walk in the forest the man tumbles and falls over 70 feet.
  • Saul’s owner managed to call for help and rescuers were able to locate the man after his dog led them to his location.
  • The owner was brought to a medical facility for broken bones and the dog was treated to a well-deserved yummy dinner.

Border collie Saul and his owner were out at night in the forest when his owner had a tumble and fell over 70 feet.  He suffered a broken hip and broke some of his ribs.  Saul stayed with him the whole time.  His owner still had to locate a cell location in order to call for help.  This is where Saul made himself into his owner’s hero.

Photo Credit: Nevada County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue

Saul’s owner managed to get a cell signal and call for help.  His whereabouts are still to be located by the Search And Rescue in order to provide first aid and bring him to a hospital.  According to Nevada County Sheriff’s Sgt. Dennis Haack, Saul ran through the forest, flagged the two searchers for them to follow him and led them to his owner’s location.

Hack said, “(Saul) was jumping up and down and spinning around in circles. He took them right to the victim.”

Good job, Saul!

Photo Credit: Nevada County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue

Saul and his owner had to be separated in order for his dad to be treated. Following the rescue, Saul was treated to a delicious dinner.

Both are now receiving care after surviving the experience.

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Search And Rescue has been telling the incredible rescue story and receiving praise for their effort but the team gives credit to Saul for his important part in the rescue.

Dogs are simply amazing as one commenter, Sandy G Chick, shared that her sister’s friend also had a border collie to thank for leading people back to her after she had a fall on ice and preventing her from freezing to death.

To all dogs, thank you for being loyal companions and doing everything you can to help your owners.

Source: Pet Helpful