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Horse Aspiring To Become An Actor Embarrasses Owner Every Day By Playing Dead [Video]



  • A woman received a call that her horse was dead and she only said that the horse was just playing dead.
  • The caller was so convinced the horse was dead that the owner had to throw something at the horse who reluctantly moved and rolled back on his feet.
  • The horse, which is actually a pony, apparently has been doing this every day and embarrasses his owner.

When somebody calls you up to tell you that your horse is dead, you would be in a panic or cry, would you?  A homeowner in Keren, Texas did not show the usual reaction but told the caller that the horse is not actually dead, but playing dead.

The electrical contractor who called, certainly was not expecting that answer and he did not believe her. The homeowner had to travel to the site and show him how the horse plays possum.

In the video of the exchange at the site, the woman is exasperatedly telling the horse, “Why do you keep playing dead? Pinto, get up.”  She is heard muttering, “Quit playing dead. Every day I think I’m gonna have to get a tractor out here and get you up … You embarrass me in front of the neighbors.”

Photo Credit: Pinto, The Horse Plays Dead (YouTube)

The horse, who is actually a pony, reluctantly rolls back on his feet as the woman throws something at it.

So, this is a daily occurrence hence the exasperation in the woman’s voice.

Photo Credit: Pinto, The Horse Plays Dead (YouTube)

The aspiring actor may just win an award for acting so convincingly that people believe he is dead! And when he begrudgingly moves to show he is alive, he makes people laugh out loud.  What a phony pony!

Source: Inspire More