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Incredible Dog Rescues Himself After Being Trapped for 60 Hours [Video]



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  • Dasha Samatoina’s pet dog, Bear, managed to rescue himself after being trapped in a hole for 60 hours in Seaton Park, Aberdeen, Scotland.
  • The five-year-old Cavapoo dog navigated himself out of the predicament after Samatoina, along with her friend’s dog Lola, discovered his location. Samatoina had been persistently searching for Bear with the help of local residents and firefighters since he went missing.
  • Bear’s resilience was striking, with only a few scratches and mild dehydration reported, despite being trapped for three days without food or water. His vet pronounced him in good health after the ordeal.

In an incredible testament to the canine spirit, a dog named Bear demonstrated exceptional resilience by escaping from a hole where he was trapped for 60 hours.

His owner, Dasha Samatoina, was relieved and overjoyed to see him again in Seaton Park, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Samatoina, a 29-year-old visiting from London, lost sight of Bear during a park walk with her friend’s dog, Lola, which turned into a multi-day ordeal.

“I was hysterical and crying. The thought of him being down there in the cold and dark terrified me,” Samatoina told BBC.

When Bear vanished, Samatoina, assisted by local residents and firefighters, began a painstaking search operation.


She grew increasingly worried about the prospect of not finding her beloved Cavapoo until a fortunate event altered their circumstances.

On the third day, Lola led Samatoina to an area of the park where she heard the familiar sounds of Bear’s barks.

As she realized Bear was trapped, Samatoina started calling out his name, encouraging him to dig his way out.

As her desperation grew, Samatoina feared Bear might inadvertently worsen his situation by digging deeper into the ground.

To her relief, Bear skillfully dug himself out of his trap.

“I could feel he was digging under the ground – I was just hoping he was going the right way,” Samatoina said.


Apart from a few scratches on his nose and mild dehydration, Bear received a clean bill of health from his vet after the ordeal.

His remarkable endurance and determination left even the vets in shock.

“It is amazing how strong he is to be able to dig himself out after three days with no food or water,” Samatoina commented.

The five-year-old canine’s story reminds us of the remarkable spirit of our four-legged friends, their tenacity in the face of adversity, and their unyielding devotion to their loved ones.