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Kids Learn The Value Of Integrity From Parents Who Surrendered $1 Million Cash They Found On The Road [Video]



  • The Schantz family were driving across Caroline County when they spotted two bags in the middle of the road they thought were trash.
  • But when they checked the bag, it contained seemingly endless bundles of nearly $1 million in cash.
  • The family chose the right thing and turned the money in to the Caroline County Police.

What if you found a million dollars cash in the middle of nowhere, what could you have done?

Integrity is doing the right thing regardless of the situation and even when no one is watching. While a million dollars in cash could be very tempting to keep, for the Schantz family from Colonial Forge, Virginia, doing the right thing is always the easiest choice. 

One day, Emily and David Schantz were with their kids driving across Caroline County when they noticed the car before them swerved as if to avoid something on the road. 

They, on the other hand, were unable to do so and hit the mystery object left lying on the pavement. Worried what it was, they pulled over and found two bags which they instantly thought were full of trash. So they dumped them in their car’s trunk and left to dispose of them properly later. 

After hours of driving, they finally had a stopover long enough for them to satisfy their curiosity and check on the bags. Only to be shocked after finding out they have been driving with nearly $1 million in the trunk of their car!

Photo Credit: Emily Adkins Schantz

It was seemingly endless bundles of cash and we can only imagine what Emily and David were thinking at that moment—it was like they had instantly won the lottery!

But they chose to do what is right without hesitation and called the Caroline County Police to turn the money in. They realized the postal service must have dropped the bags accidentally while on its way to deliver them to a local bank. The family’s stunning gestures of kindness and honesty earn them respect and praise from the whole community.

Photo Credit: Emily Adkins Schantz

“For someone so honest and willing to give that almost a million dollars back — it’s exceptional on their part. Their two sons were there, so I put the lights on for them, but we are proud that they represented this county well by being so honest,” Major Scott Moser said.

Their kids for sure are lucky to learn the value of integrity at a very young age from their parents. So beautiful.


Source: Inspire More