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Kindhearted Boston Cop Buys $200 Groceries For A Stranger He Saw Crying Outside The Supermarket



  • Jennifer’s work at the Boston airport is deemed to be an essential job so despite the COVID-19 outbreak, she still goes to work every day.
  • Recently, when she went to get some groceries, her EBT card was declined and that made her feel lost because she was living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Fortunately, a kind police officer stepped forward to help her, buy her groceries and make sure her three children have enough food.

Jennifer Velazquez works at the Boston airport in what is considered to be an essential job, thus she continues to work everyday even amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Recently, the mom-of-three went to restock groceries when her EBT card was declined upon paying. Jennifer lives paycheck to paycheck, and she felt so defeated with what happened. So she went out of the store and started crying. That’s when a Boston police officer stepped forward to offer her some help.

Photo Credit: Malini Basu

When police officer Ben Peguero saw her crying outside the store, he was worried she might be in trouble so she approached her and asked her what was wrong.

So Jennifer told the officer what happened and he immediately sprung to action and helped her.

“I felt bad for her,” he said. “I told her, ‘Come in with me. We will go in and grab some things.’”

Photo Credit: Malini Basu

They then went to fill her cart with the things she needed and after the items were scanned, it totaled to around $200. The officer didn’t even bat an eye and paid for her groceries right away. He just genuinely wanted to help and make sure her three daughters have enough to eat.

Jennifer was overwhelmed by the officer’s kindness she even would want to give him a hug but that won’t do because social distancing is in place and their safety is something she shouldn’t put at risk. So instead, Jennifer made a promise to pay the kindness she had received forward to other three struggling families by making them dinner!

Now that is a very sweet gesture. Surely, when you give kindness, it ripples!

Source: Inspire More