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Lovebird’s Microwave Impression Takes the Internet by Storm!



Quick Smiles:

  • Lovebirds, despite their size, are known for their big personalities and mimicry talents.
  • Tamia Overes showcases her adorable lovebird, Prince, who has a unique quirk!
  • These little birds may have a romantic name, but they sure have a feisty side.

In the vast realm of avian cuteness, lovebirds have undoubtedly snagged a top spot.

With their radiant hues and charming round faces, they’re a delight for bird enthusiasts. But it’s their spirited antics that truly set them apart.

Tamia Overes took to TikTok on October 25th to share a delightful surprise with her followers: her lovebird, ironically named Prince, revealed an uncanny talent.

While most lovebirds have an affinity for vocalizing, mimicking the microwave beeping isn’t something you hear every day!

For those unfamiliar, lovebirds are petite members of the parrot family. They might bear a slight resemblance to parakeets, but they hold their unique charm.


Between their obsession with building nests from any available material and their penchant for mimicking sounds, they sure keep their caretakers on their toes.

And while they might not master human words like their parrot cousins, they’re adept at catching onto sounds.

“The microwave beeping is one of the easiest: it’s monotone and consistent,” making it a fun challenge for these tiny mimics.

But here’s a pro tip for budding lovebird trainers: Want them to pick up a particular sound? Start early, maintain consistency, and keep those treats handy – think special seeds, millet, or fruits.

With such rewarding methods, you’ll find yourself with a mini virtuoso in no time!

And just a little side note for anyone captivated by their lovely name – these birds, as adorable as they are, can show their feisty side, especially if dinner is tardy.


So, hats off to Tamia and her delightful Prince for bringing a chirpy chuckle to our day! 🐦🎶💖