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Man Designed “The Bike Chair” So He Could Still Take His Wife With Alzheimer’s Out For A Bike Ride



  • Bill and Glad Forward have had a tradition of going out for a bike ride in most of their 50-year plus marriage. 
  • But when Glad had Alzheimer’s disease, it seemed like this sweet bonding moment may come to an end. 
  • Not gonna happen, because Bill decided to design ‘The Bike Chair’ so they could go out for a bike together.

Bill and Glad Forward have been married for more than 50 years now and most of their days being together, they spend them taking a stroll on their bikes. It has become their tradition and in fact, they even brought their children with them at some point riding in the chairs they attached to their bikes. 

But Glad’s health went south after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and their regular bike rides seemed to come to an end. That was something Bill couldn’t just let happen. He was determined to continue what they both have always loved to do together, so he made a bike that he designed himself which he calls “The Bike Chair.”

Photo Credit: The Bike Chair (Facebook)

“When we first started dating, I used to ride my bike from where I lived to where she was, and that was about 5 kilometers, on a Saturday afternoon, ‘cause that was the only chance we had to get together,” Bill recalled. 

Then biking became a special bonding activity for them. Needless to say, Bill just won’t let Alzheimer’s take that special thing away from their lives. With the help of a friend, they made his bike design come to reality. The design is pretty much like a wheelchair in front of the bike, so Glad can sit comfortably in there while Bill drives. 

“I don’t count it a burden whatsoever, I count it a great privilege to care for this one I have loved all these years. She’s my princess and I’m her William and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Bill said recounting his love for his wife and honoring their marriage.

Photo Credit: The Bike Chair (Facebook)

Soon enough The Bike Chair has become available for commercial and the demand is high all over the world. Now, many people can take their loved ones out for bike rides because as you know, nothing can stop a person in love.

Source: Inspire More