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Mechanic works patiently for weeks to fix woman’s wheelchair lift



  • Linda Abrants’ wheelchair lift needed to be repaired as it had already broken down many times.
  • Christian Barber took six weeks to repair the lift in spite of lack of parts needed.
  • Barber’s wife is disabled and so he understands Abrants’ struggle and only charged a small amount

“One hand washes the other”.  This is how mechanic Christian Barber was brought up; that is why he does not hesitate in going the extra mile to help others.

Barber recently fixed the wheelchair lift of Linda Abrants.  And what would normally cost a huge amount, he only charged a small fee.

Twenty years ago, Abrants figured in an accident which left her a paraplegic and is now on a wheelchair. Due to the pandemic, her gym was closed and so she had to do laps in her wheelchair. The tires on her wheelchair needed air.  That is when she met the more than two-decade mechanic.

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Barber works at Phantom Motor Works, in North Smithfield, Rhode Island.

Aside from the tires needing air, Abrants said that the lift on her truck for her wheelchair was also defective and has broken down a lot of times already.  And even with attempts to have it repaired by the company which made it, she had not received any response from them.  Still another reason for her to bring it to Barber.

Abrants said, “I trusted him and it’s really hard to find a mechanic that you trust.” 

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Barber said that he could not find the parts needed for the repair but he persevered for six weeks to fix it. “If a human put it together, a human can fix it,” Barber added.

He said, “My wife is disabled so I understand the struggle. I don’t mind stepping in.”

Abrants said that her experience with Barber reminds her that in spite of everything, there is still a lot to be thankful for.

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She said, “It just shows there are good people in the world.”

Source: Today