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Meet the cutest micro piggy who can balance on a ball [Video]



  • A surreal clip showing a tiny pig balancing on a ball in the middle of a busy subway station had the online world confused.
  • The adorable piggy can be seen clutching his train ticket between his teeth while balancing on a ball — and no one paid him any attention!
  • It turns out that the micro piggy was a computer-generated character named Pinky, created by a 3DCG animation and digital design company.

The online world was collectively amused and confused after watching a short clip showing a tiny pink pig making his way through a subway station in Tokyo, Japan, while rolling on a ball.

The sight seems surreal as the adorable piggy clutches his train ticket between his teeth and balances on the ball.

But it wasn’t long before some sharp-eyed viewers questioned why no one in the busy station was losing their mind over the strange scene.

Photo Credit: Twitter

The tiny pig turned out to be a computer-generated character called Pinky! He was created by Beans Magic, Inc., a Tokyo-based 3DCG animation and digital design company.

The company shared on Twitter, “It is a virtual micro piggy Pinky! Pinky is a special pig, so please do not imitate.”

Photo Credit: Instagram

Pinky’s debut video earned over 12 million views!

The company has since shared several photos and videos on their social media pages to showcase their realistic graphics.

Take a look at Pinky’s visit at the Tokyo Tower:

Pinky is the adorable virtual pet we didn’t know we needed!

Pinky is now bringing happiness everywhere he goes.


Take a look at him sporting the cutest hat during a visit to Yokohama Yamashita Park:

Spread the joy by sharing these videos, which you can check out on Pinky’s Instagram and Twitter pages.

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