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Mischievous Cat Breaks Workspace Rules While Mom Works From Home, So Her Dad Issues HR Letter As Warning



  • Penelope, the mischievous cat, typically loves to steal her mom’s attention even when she’s doing work from work.
  • She would walk over her keyboard and even unplugged her laptop “accidentally.”
  • When her dad got fed up and decided it was enough, he wrote a letter to HR with the details of her infraction and it was so hilarious!

In the efforts to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus, many companies have chosen to have their employees work from home.

Working from home also has its pros and cons. One positive side of it is being able to spend more time with family—or for others, with their pets. One negative side though is that those furry pets can be a little annoying somehow when you’re trying to focus and they keep stealing your attention—this is the challenge Andrew Stych and his wife Sheila have been facing since the work from home order.

Photo Credit: Andrew Stych

The couple shares their space with one pit bull and four bratty cats, although their pets must not have received nor read the memo about the changes. One of the cats, Penelope, was still pulling off her typical antics while mom was working. She would walk over her keyboard and even managed to “accidentally” unplug her laptop from the power source.

“She likes to ‘help’ my wife with her spreadsheets and emails by walking on her laptop keyboard,” Andrew said. “She actually sent an unfinished email to one of her coworkers.”

It went on for two weeks until Andrew got fed up and decided it’s time to escalate the matter to the Human Resources office. So he sat down and wrote a letter with the details of Penelope’s infractions and posted it on Facebook. It was so hilarious people are sharing it nonstop!

Photo Credit: Andrew Stych

He even had Penelope’s paw signature on the letter to indicate that the mischievous cat acknowledged it. Sheila also thought it was funny and was in for the game to put her signature on the letter as well.

It was very relatable to other employees working from home like them. One commenter even said: “I hadn’t considered taking the matter up with HR yet, but I’m having similar issues with one of my colleagues… let me know if it works!” 

Photo Credit: Andrew Stych

Penelope has since changed her attitude and is behaving a bit more napping by the window or playing in the yard when mom is at work.

Seems like the letter to the HR was effective after all! But who are we fooling? We love cats for being cats regardless!

Source: Inspire More