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Misunderstood Veteran Forms Special Bond with Rescue Pitties [Video]



  • A wary Veteran found peace in his new normal life thanks to his loving pit bulls, Noah and Lincoln.
  • Noah has become a source of comfort while Lincoln has forced him to reach new running heights.
  • As a big man with muscular build, he also has a special connection with the two pit bulls, who are often misunderstood.

Palace found it hard to transition to normal life after serving the military for two decades.

Fortunately, his loved ones — his wife Vivian and their two rescue pit bulls Noah and Lincoln — made his transition a lot easier and happier.

Rescue Pitties Are Obsessed With Their Veteran Dad

These two rescue pitties are velcro dogs with their veteran dad ❤️️Posted by The Dodo on Thursday, September 17, 2020

Palace shared that the two pups are very much different from each other in terms of personality.

He described Noah, the smaller brown pup, as an “old man” who always seems to know how his dad is feeling. Noah makes sure to snuggle with Palace and lift his spirits whenever he’s feeling down!

Meanwhile, Lincoln is a lot more active. He just loves playing around and simply enjoying life. As Palace’s running buddy, Lincoln gives his dad the push he needs to improve his running records.

noah and lincoln
Photo Credit: Instagram

But the best thing about them? Palace said he sees a bit of himself in them.

Like pit bulls, his muscular build has often caused people to be wary and stay away from him.

He told The Dodo, “People look at me and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, big, burly guy. He’s probably mean or he’s unapproachable,’ and I’m the exact opposite.”

Palace, Noah, and Lincoln are just opposites of the stereotypes and misconceptions that they constantly endure — and that has allowed them to form a very special bond.

Noah and Lincoln
Photo Credit: Instagram

Just look at those cuties! These sweet pups have given Palace the friendship and comfort he needed at a time that he needed some certainty in his life.

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