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Mom Tested Positive For COVID-19 Before Giving Birth And Was Not Allowed To Hold Him, Nurse Writes Them Precious Letter



  • Just before giving birth to her son, Abi was tested positive of COVID-19.
  • She and her husband were devastated for not being able to hold or kiss their baby in his precious first moments.
  • Thankfully, a nurse wrote them a letter with a powerful message that made them feel secure their little one is in safe hands.

The thought alone of giving birth on a regular circumstance is already scary. What more now that the threat of COVID-19 is present.

It was a little unfortunate for Abi Bordelon to have tested positive for the novel coronavirus just before giving birth to her son, Remington. She was left devastated being unable to hold or see her baby in person. Thankfully, a nurse went above and beyond her call of duty to console her and give her encouragement!

Photo Credit: Nicholas Bordelon

Little Remi was also tested for the virus twice and while waiting, he was kept in the nursery away from his mom and dad.

It was truly heartbreaking for the couple Abi and Nick to be restricted from being with their little one in his first precious moments. Brittany Prevost, one of Remi’s nurses, was also heartbroken by their situation; it prompted her to write a powerful note of hope!

Brittany said in the letter she was also very sad and she was crying. But it was not all sad tears because gladly, Remi was born a healthy baby.

Photo Credit: Nicholas Bordelon

“I want you to know that he was loved today and that I treated him as he was my own. Even though you aren’t able to be with him at this time, he is being loved on your behalf. I told him today, ‘Your mommy and your daddy love you!’ Trust me, he knows it and we all know it here too,” the letter says.

To Abi and Nick, her kind words made a great impact! They feel safe knowing that there is someone like Brittany who cares so much for their baby. 

“We will get through it together.”

Photo Credit: Nicholas Bordelon

Two days after Remi’s birth, Abi was also doing well and was allowed to continue doing quarantine at home. 

Abi shared her experience on Facebook of how amazing all of the health workers are and they deserve to receive the highest recognition.

Brittany proves that a little act of kindness can have a great impact on the world!


Source: Inspire More