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Mom’s Homecoming after 8-Month Deployment Has Dogs Running Around With Excitement [Video]



  • Bauer simply loves his mom, Taryn Dennison, and she definitely knows it.
  • So when Taryn was deployed for eight long months, he couldn’t help but show just how much he missed his mom.
  • When the time came for Taryn’s homecoming, Bauer couldn’t contain his excitement that he kept running around and jumping all over her!

Taryn Dennison has been Bauer’s favorite human ever since they first met. Bauer was still a puppy but he soon became attached to his mom. He just loves to hang out with her, so he follows her everywhere she goes.

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Photo Credit: Taryn Dennison

“Bauer isn’t your typical husky, he doesn’t bark and he rarely howls. He loves sleeping and when he’s awake he’s right next to you trying to get all the cuddles and pets he can or to get you to throw his toys,” Taryn told The Dodo.

When Taryn learned she was about to be deployed, she had a feeling it was going to be difficult to be away from Bauer for so long. She would be gone for eight long months.

While Bauer still found love and care in Taryn’s roommate and her roommate’s dog, Macie, he couldn’t help but show just how much he missed his mom.

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Photo Credit: Taryn Dennison

Taryn shared, “Bauer didn’t understand why I was gone. I FaceTimed him a few times and he would run around my house trying to find me and then later he would end up laying down and falling asleep in front of my door.” 

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Photo Credit: Taryn Dennison

Finally, the time has come for Taryn’s homecoming.

And Bauer couldn’t contain his excitement!

He was so filled with joy that his mom was finally home that he couldn’t stop jumping and running around her.


Taryn recalled, “I honestly thought he was going to pee on me because he was so excited.”

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Photo Credit: Taryn Dennison

Taryn was soon more than overwhelmed as Macie joined in on the energetic welcome.

Both dogs kept running around and jumping all over her that she was eventually knocked down to the floor.

Everyone was clearly happy that they’re finally all together now.

“Since I got home he’s been attached to my hip. I can’t even get up to go to the kitchen or the bathroom without him being right next to me,” Taryn shared.

Bauer simply wants to make the most of every single minute with his mom.

And Taryn doesn’t mind one bit. She remarked: “I wouldn’t change it for the world!” 

Source: The Dodo