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Neighbors Come Together To Surprise UPS Driver With A New Roof [Video]



  • Carolyn Crumps has been a UPS delivery driver for the past 23 years.
  • She has captured the hearts of her customers for them to crowdfund for her leaking roof.
  • Her roof will now be replaced with a new one, plus some extra amount for her bills and for Christmas.

Customer Christie Pickrell describes Carolyn Crumps as kind and humble. “I don’t think she even realizes the impact she has on people. She’s always smiling.”

Carolyn has a “heart of gold” that has endeared her to her customers.

In her 23 years working as a UPS driver, her customers only have good things to say about her.

According to Jason Lehtman, the one who launched a GoFundMe for Crump to replace her leaking roof, “Every single person can give you a story where [Crump has] gone above and beyond, like bringing up groceries when someone’s arm was broken.”

He added that Crump has a heart of gold. He recalls that the day before they had to put their dog down, “I found her in our foyer saying her goodbyes to our dog. That’s the type of person she is.”

One day, Crump mentioned to him that she was having problems with her roof.  Fortunately, Lehtman works in roofing and so he was able to make an estimate and set up a crowdfunding for her.  More than 50 of her customers contributed to the funding.

Photo Credit: FOX 2 St. Louis (Youtube)

Within 2 days, the page was able to raise several thousand dollars.

And so, with the cooperation of her company, they staged a fake package pick-up.  Crump was led to a local park blindfolded where more than 50 people were waiting for her.

Amid a round of applause, she was given the crowd-funded check to cover the cost of replacing her roof.  She handed it to her daughter Rachel as she still had her final 20 packages of the day to deliver.

Photo Credit: FOX 2 St. Louis (Youtube)

The amount raised more than covered the cost for the roof.  The remaining would go to helping Crump pay her bills and Christmas.

When asked on how she felt about the special gift, she said, “I am truly surprised. I love this route. I love my job. I love coming to work, I never mind working. It’s great, and this is why.”

Source: PEOPLE