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Octogenarian Couple Celebrates Their 60th Anniversary In Their Wedding Outfits



  • Marvin and Lucille Stone’s celebration of their 60 years of marriage turned out to be quite special.
  • The octogenarian couple decided to wear their wedding outfits again in a celebratory photoshoot!
  • The photoshoot turned out so beautiful and magical as the pair were transported back in time when they got married in their 20’s.

When talking about love, some may not believe in forever, while others give up waiting for the “one.”

But Marvin and Lucille Stone have spent many years together — and as time went by, their love for each other only grew stronger. 

Photo Credit: Katie Autry Photography

The couple from Nebraska, who are in their 80’s now, celebrated their 60 years of marriage on August 21!

To celebrate their many years of love and adoration for each other, they decided to make their anniversary quite special.

Photo Credit: Katie Autry Photography

They initially thought of simply taking a photo of themselves together, one that they could send along with letters to families and friends for Christmas. So, they asked photographer Katie Autry to do that for them.

But then, Lucille suddenly thought of a great idea for a photoshoot: wearing their wedding outfits! So they dusted them off from storage and gave it a go!

The couple still looked astonishingly gorgeous in them. Needless to say, the shoot turned out to be amazing and magical!

Photo Credit: Katie Autry Photography

Lucille’s lace gown was made in 1960, but it still fit perfectly, while Marvin was so handsome wearing his suit.

They danced, held hands, embraced, and kissed. It was truly a magical moment spent in a nearby field from their home. It felt like they were transported back to their twenties when they got married in a Lutheran church!

The lovebirds met in 1959 as co-teachers in a school where Marvin, also an Army veteran, was the only male faculty member who was still single.


“We were the gossip of the school,” Lucille recalled. “By May, we were engaged.”

Photo Credit: Katie Autry Photography

Their love bore three children, six sweet grandchildren, and four adorable great-grandchildren — who are apparently the reason for their happy married life!

Marvin and Lucille shared further tips about keeping a relationship strong such as “be kind,”  “work hard,” and “think before you speak.”

Photo Credit: Katie Autry Photography

Katie admitted it was one of the most amazing photoshoots she’s ever had.

“It was an absolute honor to be able to capture the love between such a special couple,” she said.

Photo Credit: Katie Autry Photography

“While shooting their session, it was easy to tell just how much they care for one another. I had tears in my eyes behind my camera while shooting. They are such an amazing example of true love standing the test of time. Their session is one I’ll never forget!”

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