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Old Chihuahuas in chic crocheted outfits finally find their family for good



  • Nick Greatens and his partner started fostering dogs and crocheting as quarantine hobbies.
  • They fostered two senior Chihuahuas, Agnarr and Yelena, and began crocheting tiny sweaters for them.
  • The stylish garments not only kept them warm but also helped in finding them a family who will keep them forever.

These randomly thought-of pandemic hobbies turned out to be a perfect match in finding rescue Chihuahuas a home.

Fostering dogs and crocheting have been the lockdown hobbies of Nick Greatens and his partner to pass the time at their home in Minnesota.

Around November, Nick and his partner took two bonded senior foster Chihuahuas, Agnarr and Yelena, from Ruff Start Rescue.

Photo Credit: Ruff Start Rescue/The Dodo

At first, Agnarr and Yelena were so aloof that their new humans can barely touch them. But soon enough, they have adjusted. “Now they can’t get enough cuddles,” Nick told The Dodo.

Described as an irritable “old man who likes to defend his turf,” seven-pound Agnarr used to be so anxious, but later on started to bond with Nick. “Agnarr would like to be touching me every minute of every day. We’ve grown very close.”

Yelena, on the other hand, is a “quiet old lady who just wants to sleep” all day.

It was hard for the two to get adopted, Nick shared. Besides they’re already old, they needed to go to one home together as “they’re emotionally interdependent.”

The two have been spending almost the entire day just cuddling each other and napping.

Along with fostering these Chihuahuas, Nick also started crocheting during work meetings to keep his mind clear.


As he felt that he was not ready for big projects yet, he decided to work on the duo’s sweaters to keep them warm and help them in attracting a family who will keep them forever.

Photo Credit: Nick Greatens/The Dodo

After months of waiting, Agnarr and Yelena finally got adopted — just as Nick hoped they would find their forever family who’d love them.

Nick thought that the senior pups might have had a tough life, but their trendy hand-made sweaters would tell otherwise.

Photo Credit: Nick Greatens/The Dodo

“Now they’re the best-dressed dogs in the neighborhood,” Nick said.

Source: The Dodo