Pastor Never Thought He’ll Find His Kidney Donor During Visits To The Pharmacy

  • Pastor Donnie Pickeral was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease and has been filling his prescriptions at his local CVS.
  • He made friends with the pharmacist, Kathleen, and told her he needed a kidney donor.
  • Kathleen offered to give one of hers.

For the past 31 years, Donnie Pickeral has been dealing with a rare kidney disease called IgA nephropathy.  His doctors said eventually when he reaches his 20s his kidneys would fail but he surpassed it.  

He has been filling his prescription at his local CVS where he met and got close to pharmacist Kathleen Kirkland.

He never mentioned his condition to Kathleen until the day that his liver function got down to only 10% and he had to undergo dialysis or find a donor.

Donnie recalled that Kathleen said that she would give him her kidney.  He was not expecting it and it made him cry. He said, β€œWe talked a bit more and found out we’re the same blood type. We did a fist bump and she started doing her tests and she was a perfect match for me. I felt in my heart when I walked out of that store that the lord was saying to me, she was the one. No one else was even testing. She was the one.”

Photo Credit: WXII 12 News (YouTube)

And Kathleen echoed the same sentiment, β€œI feel like God puts people in your path for a reason, and I feel like Donnie came to my pharmacy for me to help him.”

And so, in May 2020, Kathleen gave Donnie one of her kidneys that has prolonged his life.  The transplant was a life-saver!  Now, Donnie has continued preaching and can eat without restrictions. 

Photo Credit: Kathleen Kirkland (Facebook)

Thank you, Kathleen, for your selflessness. May you and Donnie continue to live a happy and healthy life together!

Source: Inspire More

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