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Pastor Rallies Community And Raises $12K For Pregnant Waitress Whose Baby’s Name is the same as his late son



  • Hannah works at a Waffle House, where she never thought an encounter with a customer would change her life forever!
  • Eusebio came into the Waffle House, ordered breakfast, and had a little talk with Hannah, who he learned is pregnant with a baby boy she plans on naming Samuel.
  • Upon hearing the name — the same name of the son he lost — he decided to raise funds to help her and in the end, the whole community handed her a whopping $12,000!

Hannah Hill works as a waitress at a Waffle House in Stockbridge, Georgia. After getting used to leaving for work everyday just like any other regular day, she did not expect one day to impact her life immensely.

That day, Eusebio Phelps, a local bishop, came in for breakfast. The pastor and Hannah had a little conversation, during which the pastor learned that Hannah was pregnant, and it’s a baby boy she plans on naming Samuel.

Upon hearing the name, Eusebio firmly decided he had to do something to help her. He was determined to do so because Samuel was the same name of his son, who he’d lost in a tragedy seven years ago.

Photo Credit: Eusebio Devon Phelps

He gave Hannah a $40 tip because that’s what he just had in his wallet that time. But when he came home, he and his wife worked to raise $1,000 for Hannah and her second baby.

He made a post on Facebook and the whole community contributed for the humble Waffle House staff. The support was overwhelming that the initial goal was surpassed easily overnight. So he set another goal to raise $3,000 and just as quickly, it was outdone! 

So Eusebio went back to the restaurant and gave Hannah the “surprise baby shower for Samuel!”

Photo Credit: Eusebio Devon Phelps

Since it was unexpected, Hannah was not there. But as soon as she was informed, she headed over immediately and drove for 40 minutes. While waiting for her, somebody made a new challenge to raise a $10,000 goal!

Sure enough, when she arrived, they had beaten the challenge and exceeded it, giving Hannah a total of $12,000! Moreover, Eusebio’s church pledged to cover all the childcare costs for Samuel’s first year.

“I’ve been really stressing lately,” Hannah said. “I’ve been worried about the baby getting here… I’m so grateful and that’s all I can say. I’m so grateful and appreciative to everybody, God is good all the time.”

Photo Credit: Eusebio Devon Phelps

For Eusebio, he considers their encounter “a chance meeting but an appointed, ordained, and predestined moment.”

Sometimes, we don’t realize it, but miracles are bound to happen our way. Let’s just keep a good heart always.


Source: Inspire More