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“Perfect TV Dog”: Pit Bull Provides Couch Cuddles Right On Cue [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Juju the pit bull is a TV-time cuddle expert, snuggling up to owner Ian with perfect timing.
  • Comments from fans celebrate the unmatched cuddly nature of pit bulls.
  • Ian hilariously admits he’s often late because who can resist Juju’s warm embrace?

Meet Juju, a 6-year-old pit bull who has perfected the art of couch cuddles.

Whenever her owner, Ian Matthews, settles in for some TV time, Juju is ready and waiting with her signature snuggle move. Talk about an impeccable sense of timing!

As the story goes, “As soon as owner Ian Matthews hops on the couch, Juju the 6-year-old pit bull knows just what to do.”

She’s the star of a little performance that involves moving to the side of the couch, followed by a leap that ends in her nestling snugly under Ian’s arm and laying a paw right across his chest.

The choreography might be simple, but the resulting aww-factor is through the roof!

Of course, the internet can’t resist such pure sweetness. People have been swooning over this cuddly pit bull and showering her with love in the comments.

As noted by one smitten viewer, “Pittys = best snuggles.”


Another added their own anecdote, sharing, “I just knew it’d be a pittie. My girl is the same way.”

It seems Ian and Juju share a bond that’s not only cuddly but also quite endearing.

Our dear Ian hilariously confessed, “I’m late……a lot,” alluding to the irresistible power of Juju’s cuddles that makes leaving her side nearly impossible.

For everyone who’s in need of a dose of happiness (or perhaps wishes to validate their own ‘late because of pet cuddles’ excuse), there’s a delightful video showcasing Juju’s top-tier snuggling skills.

Go on, take a peek, and prepare to melt!


Perfect dog to binge a season with 📺🐶 ♬ Lucky by Ian Matthew – Ian Matthew