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Police Officer Taking Selfies With His K9 Partner Spotted In The Airport, Both Guilty Of Making People Happy!



  • Gina Anzaldua Stevenson spotted a candid moment of a police officer and his K9 partner taking selfies together.
  • Unable to contain her happiness with that sweet moment, Gina took some photos and uploaded them on Facebook.
  • It did not take long for the police officer to see the post so he came forward and commented with the selfie photos he’d taken with his dog.

There are some candid moments that are just so good.

Gina Anzaldua Stevenson encountered one of these sweet moments at the Dallas Love Field Airport in Texas. She took some quick shots of that sweet encounter and posted them on Facebook. 


While walking through the airport, Gina spotted a Dallas police officer hanging out with his K9 partner. Later she learned the officer’s name is Andre Cloyd and his K9 buddy is Zigi. Service dogs like Zigi take it very seriously when doing their jobs. But at times, they also need to take a break, thus the sweet moment Gina saw the duo taking selfies together.


And the cutest part was that every photo Cloyd took, he’d show it to Zigi as if asking for his approval. 

While it’s not a secret that cops share close bonds with their K9 partners, it is still amazing to witness it on display to the public, their affection and care for their beloved pups!

Gina was so happy to see this moment and couldn’t help but snap some photos to share on a Facebook page named Dogspotting Society. Other animal lovers in the group were all delighted as well!

But not only that, the police officer saw the post of himself and his dog so he decided to comment on the post with the selfie photos he’d taken knowing that everybody loves to see them!


Here are the selfies Zigi and I took that you all have asked for!” he commented.


One commenter said, “Just a couple good boys looking for the bad guys! Thank you for your service!” Another one wrote, “I flew out of DAL yesterday! I wish I would have seen Zigi. I would have loved to pet him on his lunch break.”

I would pet Zigi myself if I get the chance. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Source: Inspire More