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Poodle Uses Doorbell Cam To Call For Help During House Fire [Video]



  • Owners get a motion alarm of their dog barking in their kitchen.
  • When they reached home, their house was in flames and firefighters had taken their dog to safety.
  • A GoFundMe page was set up to help the family to cover costs of major house renovation.

Yes, to save her life, a poodle frantically barked at a ring doorbell to get her humans’ attention.  When Nestor Gonzalez and Americo Ledezma of Florida received notifications on their phones and saw their 1-year-old poodle, Prada, barking in their kitchen, they were alarmed.

Prada has never barked like that.

Americo explained, “Everything was smokey and it was cloudy inside so we couldn’t see anything.”

That is when they immediately went home and found their home on fire.  Prada was home alone.

Nestor said that all they could think about was Prada and hoped that she was okay. “Material stuff, you can always replace. But her life, that’s something you can’t replace.”

When they saw Prada, she was unarmed but covered in ash and soot which turned her white coat to gray. Orange County Fire Rescue firefighters rescued her from the fire and brought her to a safe place near the house.

Nestor said, “Everything’s gone. All the hard work, everything we have done. We have to start all over again. It’s so frustrating seeing everything devastated like it is inside.”

But they are thankful that while they may have lost all their material things in the fire, their beloved dog Prada is alive and well.

Photo Credit: @OCFireRescue (Twitter)

“The good part is that it’s material. I’m glad that we are OK and that Prada is OK,” Americo added.

According to the firefighters, if Prada did not call for help, the damage could have been much worse.

While their house is being repaired, Prada, Americo and Nestor are staying with family. Renovations to the extensive damage caused by the fire are going to take at least six months and would cost over $100,000.

Photo Credit: @OCFireRescue (Twitter)

A GoFundMe has already been set up for the little family to pay for costs that insurance would not be able to cover.

What a brave and wise dog Prada is.

Source: Inspire More