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Precious Cat Had Romantic Candlelit Dinner Set Up For Date [Video]



  • A video of a romantic candlelit dinner featuring Ginger the cat won millions of hearts online.
  • The footage showed the orange cat sitting in front of a tiny table decorated by candles as rose petals surrounded him.
  • Viewers were so charmed by the orange cat’s sincere gaze and called it the best date ever.

People’s standards for a date this Valentine’s Day have gone up, thanks to a dashing cat named Ginger.

Ginger’s owner, Kim Ngan Le, shared a video of a romantic, candlelit dinner. In the short clip, we see the orange cat sitting in front of a tiny table decorated with little candles and red roses. Champagne is also served while rose petals are scattered all over the floor.

As she slowly approached the table, Ginger looks up with the most precious, expectant gaze. The caption read, “Patiently waiting for you.”

Kim shared that her cats witnessed them having a “date night” so she decided to set up a date for the cats, too.

She told Newsweek, “They have cat wine and chicken cat food for dinner. And later they just cuddle and chill.”

According to a 2019 study from Oregon State University, cats can show the same attachment to their owner that babies show their parents.

In the study, cats loved getting their owners’ attention and were pleased to see them. They also showed distress when the humans left and felt happy when they returned, similar to how human children behave around their parents.

Photo Credit: Kim Ngan Le

The video of Ginger’s date night has since received over 12.6 million views, 1.7 million likes, and 14,000 comments.

Viewers just can’t get enough of the precious Ginger and several called it the “best date ever.”

cat date
Photo Credit: TikTok/heyitsgingerandpepper

“The eye contact is true love,” commented Jen Katigbak.

“That would literally be the best date I’ve been on in yearsssss,” wrote Desiree. Cloudiya Garcia called it their “ideal date,” while MZ90 rated it a “100/10 date, would ask out again.”

MontyandMilo marveled at how the cat looked so well-behaved, while Jen was so touched at how happy Ginger was to see their owner. Cherry7847 wrote, “Oh my goodness I’d show up 2 hours early just to have extra time with him,” and Mads observed that the cat looked like he was gonna propose.


Source: Newsweek