Pup has Silly Way of Carrying his Beloved Teddy Bear

Pup has Silly Way of Carrying his Beloved Teddy Bear

  • Diesel, a 4-year-old Weimaraner, has a lot of quirky favorites: bandanas, bow ties, and cucumbers.
  • His silliest quirk so far is the way he carries his teddy bear.
  • He always carries it in a way that completely covers his eyes, but he still manages to navigate his way expertly!

Diesel is a unique pup who has a lot of quirks. Described as “the funniest little guy” by his mom Kelsey Bundy, the 4-year-old Weimaraner “loves wearing bandanas and bow ties.”

Photo Credit: Kelsey Bundy

His favorite treat is a cucumber, and Kelsey says “his tail never stops wagging β€” he’s like a wind-up toy!”

Still, his silliest quirk to date is the way he carries his beloved teddy bear. He’s so obsessed with the fluffy toy that, sometimes, it’s all he sees — literally!

Photo Credit: Kelsey Bundy

Kelsey shares, β€œHe’ll pick it up and run in circles with it covering his eyes. I swear he must have sonar because I don’t understand how he never runs into anything.”

It happens to be the only way Diesel carries his teddy, and nobody’s sure if it’s intentional.

Sit Means Sit Dog Training offered an explanation. They said that Diesel’s eye-covering quirk may be a way to please his mom or show submission.

According to Sit Means Sit’sΒ website, β€œThey increase the frequency of those behaviors when they get positive feedback from us. If you react positively when your dog places their paws over their face, cooing or petting them, they’ll be eager to receive that feedback again.”

They continued, β€œIf your dog views you as their pack leader, hiding their face communicates their deference to you. Your dog is just trying to let you know that they trust and respect you!”

Perhaps Diesel realized that people laugh when they see him carrying his teddy that way, so he just wants to keep the good vibes going. Whatever his reason may be, it’s just one of the cute quirks that his mom loves about him.

Source: The Dodo

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He wants to play Peek A Boo with his bear. So sweet.