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Pup Steals Dad’s Fake Teeth and Hilariously Wears them [Video]



  • Thomas the Yorkie did something naughty and hilarious — that made his dad and the online world burst out laughing.
  • Ben Campbell, his dad, had bought a set of giant fake teeth as comic relief during the quarantine.
  • Thomas stole them and managed to wear them — causing him to sport such a goofy, wide-toothed smile!

Our days truly grow brighter with pets around. They just bring comfort and happiness — which is what we need right now.

And this adorable Yorkie named Thomas does just that.

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Ben Campbell, from Hazel Park, Michigan, shared a hilarious moment when he caught the naughty little Thomas wearing something of his.

“I got some fake teeth for some quarantine comic relief and well… Thomas stole them off of the table,” Ben shared.

The moment Ben realized the teeth went missing, he started suspecting Thomas, so he started recording to catch the naughty canine in the act.

But what he didn’t expect to catch is Thomas actually wearing the fake teeth — Ben couldn’t stop laughing!

It’s like the fake teeth fit him perfectly!


Just look at this sneaky pup sporting his goofy, wide-toothed smile:

Photo Credit: Ben Campbell

That silly smile is more than enough to brighten anyone’s day — or trigger a case of the giggles.

Ben was right about the giant fake teeth bringing comic relief during the quarantine. And we’re thankful that he got to capture that unforgettable moment and shared it with everyone. It’s sure to make us laugh even after our first time seeing it.

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