Puppy Never Moved From The Box She Was Abandoned In Until She Felt Loved

  • An abandoned puppy was found inside a cardboard box on a hot summer day.
  • The rescuers transported her to the shelter still inside the box thinking she was paralyzed.
  • Even at the shelter, she remained with her box at a kennel but then saw no need for it anymore for security when she was shown love at her foster home.

A Good Samaritan spots a puppy in a cardboard box abandoned in a residential neighborhood.  With temperatures reaching 104 degrees Fahrenheit, she found the puppy with no food and water.

Dallas Dog president Patti Dawson said, β€œShe never moved from the box. She was just waiting for someone to come back.”

Photo Credit: Patti Dawson

From the animal control officers’ account, the pup stayed inside the box on their way to the shelter and even when they put her in a kennel.Β  They thought she was paralyzed.

They named her Harvest after her cardboard box.

Photo Credit: Patti Dawson

Harvest trembled from fear the first few days that she was at the shelter. When she had the courage to crawl out of her box, the staff still allowed her to keep the box in the kennel as it served as her security blanket.Β 

But in spite of her fear, Harvest maintained her sweet demeanor and the shelter staff loved her.

Photo Credit: Patti Dawson

In just two weeks, Dallas Dog found her a foster home where she blossomed more and shined.

It may have taken her a week to really open up but now she is a picture of happiness, running around with her siblings or cuddling and watching TV with her foster family.

Photo Credit: Patti Dawson

Harvest has also become popular on the adoption lists as β€œShe has three meet and greets this week,” said Dawson.

The cardboard box has no use now.  Harvest has become secure in her foster family’s love.

Good luck with finding your forever home, Harvest!

Source: The Dodo

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