Rehabber Takes In A Beaver Pup Who Loves Building Dams In Her Doorways

  • It was a bit unusual for Nancy to receive a request of taking in a baby beaver.
  • But she met Beave and they have since lived together in perfect harmony.  
  • Beave loves to build dams and Nancy is very supportive of him although she knows he would have to leave someday.

The request to take in a baby beaver came as a little unusual for Nancy Coyne even though she is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator based in New York. 

She received the call last May from a woman who she thought, had found a groundhog and mistook it for a beaver, because baby beavers don’t normally leave their lodge and finding one without his parents along is nearly impossible. 

But, her assumptions were wrong. It was actually a real beaver pup.


Beave does love that Shoe Rack at the Lake House. He tops his dams with it. ##FamilyImpression ##RedBullDanceYourStyle ##fyp ##UnwrapTheDeals

♬ original sound – Beave

“Beaver kits are very, very vocal, so when she got out of the car with this box, I could hear the noises it was making and I said, ‘Oh my goodness, that really is a beaver,’” Nancy told The Dodo. 

Nancy had not taken home a beaver before and she knew caring for one is a little different…and difficult.  

“With our other rehabs, we’re hands-off,” Nancy explained. “We give them medical care and food, but we don’t socialize with them. But beavers are highly social animals … you have to have them close to you, you have to have them in your house and it is literally a two-year commitment that’s around-the-clock.”


As requested by followers; I tried to get Beave chewing wood but he thought it was playtime. ##Boo ##FootlongShuffle ##rhymepov

♬ original sound – Beave

She gave him the nickname, Beave, and she spent months looking for other beavers Beave could socialize with. Sadly, New York’s wildlife laws restrict him from leaving the state. 

After months of living together, Nancy and Beave have gotten along pretty well and got used to each other’s company. Nancy even learned what his gestures and vocalizations mean. 

“I know if he’s hungry, I know if he just needs to sit on my lap, I know if he wants to play.”

Photo Credit: beaverbabyfurrylove (Tiktok)

Beave on the other hand has developed his daily routine starting with swimming, eating, then taking a nap, and building his own dams. 

He prefers to build dams in the doorways, and he builds them with whatever he can carry around — shoes, shoe rack, slippers, and sometimes even his mom’s paperworks. 

“A foundation of a beaver dam begins with rocks, so what they do is they take these rocks and slide them into place,” Coyne said. “So what he’s doing with all the objects is he’s moving them around as he would with rocks when he gets older.”

Photo Credit: beaverbabyfurrylove (Tiktok)

Well Nancy admits it’s cute to have a beaver at home but it also pretty much like taking care of a toddler. 

While she loves Beave and is supportive in honing his dam-building skills, he knew someday, he had to go, find a mate, and build a life on his own, in the wild. 

But for now, whatever Beave does, Nancy has some stuff ready for the little guy to play and practice building a dam with…

Source: The Dodo

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