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Sad Dog Looks At The Golden Gate Bridge For The Last Time Before Moving To A New Home



  • Squash the Benadoodle’s family is moving out to a new home.
  • TikTok user @squashiebernedoodle saw Squash taking a “last look” at the Golden Gate Bridge which can be seen from their back window and recorded it.
  • The scene has viewers sympathizing with Squash but at the same time hoping that Squash would enjoy the yard that is waiting for her in their new home.  

Parting is such sweet sorrow.  Even with the prospect of new horizons to pursue or view, leaving a childhood home can be bittersweet.  There are favorite places you have to leave behind, friends you probably would not see again and views that you love looking at that would turn into memories.


Trading in a view of the Golden Gate bridge for a yard. #fyp #foryoupage #bernedoodle #dogs ♬ La Vie En Rose – Emily Watts

This happened to Squash the Bernedoodle and her family who are moving out of their house in San Francisco. On moving day, TikTok user @squashiebernedoodle captured Squash taking a last look at the beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge as seen from their back window.

This view must have comforted Squash so many times before that her memories of the scene would come in handy when she needs to be comforted again.  She just had to take a last look.

Squash would have a yard to play in her new home but the lingering look she gives the Golden Gate Bridge just tugs at the viewers’ hearts.

@cheeriosrock commented, “She brings such peace when watching her. I would love to see her visiting at a retirement facility. She had such a calm presence.”

Others sympathized with Squash’s feelings but expressed optimism for Squash when she gets to see their new home. @oatmeal_the_sheepadoodle said, “Omg Squash, I’m sorry. You’ll like your new house!”

We are sending you big hugs and love, Squash!

Source: Pet Helpful