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Santa is where the children are — over at Zoom!



  • Robert Jordan, a.k.a Santa Bob has been having fun delivering the Christmas cheer in Zoom calls to children.
  • The first thing that children see when they log in is the North Pole and red and green shelves filled with children drawings, toys, and books.
  • Santa Bob’s bigger message is that no matter how bad things are, Christmas is a time of hope and love.

Just imagine receiving a call on Zoom from Santa and seeing the North Pole.  That would be awesome!

COVID-19 cannot stop Robert Jordan, a.k.a. Santa Bob, from bringing the Christmas cheer for children in Framingham, MA. Santa Bob, calls children on zoom to deliver Christmas messages. 

No matter if it is virtual or not, the enthusiasm that children exhibit as they make their biggest wish to St. Nick, does not change, according to Jordan.

Santa Bob said, “You’re getting a phone call from the North Pole. You’re blowing their mind.”

Photo Credit: Robert Jordan

Not only do the children get to see and hear Santa, they also get a glimpse of the North Pole for the first time. There are red and green shelves at Santa Bob’s back that are filled with books, toys and droves of drawings from children.  It is the first thing that the children’s eyes land on as they log in to talk with Santa.

Santa Bob said, “I’ve got some elves there and some trucks and packages that have ribbon on them, dolls, nutcrackers.” 

He adds that Zoom calls add to the magic of Santa and Christmas. He even tried a virtual “delivery.”

Santa Bob recalls, “This girl was looking for a present from Santa at the meeting, and so I ended this meeting by showing this box and saying, ‘I’ve got something here for you right down here on the floor. I’m going to magically transport this present … and it should be outside your front door.’” 

Photo Credit: Robert Jordan

When the girl ran and opened the front door, there really was a gift waiting for her!

Through virtual interactions, Santa Bob delivers the message of staying safe this season.  And that there is a bigger message that children should understand.

He said, “I tell children, ‘Do not worry about Christmas. It’s coming. It’s never been canceled.’ Christmas will come.”

Santa Bob adds, “Christmas is a time of hope and love and nothing should change that, no matter how bad things are.”

Source: New York Post