Sea lion takes a dip in hotel pool, then steals lounge chair from a guest

  • An elite resort on Galapagos Island is frequently visited by a sea lion.
  • One of the hotel guests filmed the sea lion taking a quick dip in the resort pool.
  • The sea lion also rested on one of the resort’s sunbed, forcing one man to evacuate his chair.

Hotel Solymar is a tranquil hideaway on the shore of Puerto Ayora on Galapagos Island. There are a variety of amenities available to guests, but there is a catch.

Wendy, a wild local sea lion, is always first and foremost.

Hotel Solymar Galapagos

A hotel spokesperson told the Dodo:

“She’s our special guest.”

It’s unknown when Wendy first started showing up at the hotel, but she appears to be at ease there.

Wendy is known to return to the hotel grounds for a soak in the pool and a nap in her favorite lounge chair after spending her days swimming to her heart’s content out at sea. However, as one visiting guest recently discovered, she does not feel the need to seek permission.

Wendy can be seen coming from the sea, struggling up the steps, and diving straight into the resort’s pool in a video posted on TikTok by the hotel guest. Wendy crawled out of the pool after a brief swim, having wiped away the saltwater, and lumbered onto a sun lounger, much to the amusement of guests at the elite resort, including one man who was forced to leave when the sea lion decided to rest on his sunbed. 

Wendy appears to always get her way.

Source: The Dodo

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Too bad the videos are still not working !! I was hoping to be able to see the seel take over !!