Seeing Repeat Patterns In These Animals Will Make You Feel Like A “Glitch In The Matrix”

Have you ever seen something so oddly coincidental you did your best Keanu Reeves impression and said, “Whoa?”

If so, you’ve probably wandered into a situation on the internet known as a “glitch in the Matrix.” Based on popular sci-fi movies, the idea is that we’re all living in a simulation, and sometimes there’s a digital glitch that causes repeat patterns. There are plenty of examples of glitches in the Matrix online, but our favorites often involve animals… of course.

1. These folks were out walking their dogs when suddenly… two identical dogs appeared. No word on whether their humans were also similar.

Photo Credit: u/Libss231 (Reddit)

2. A bird under a car is no big deal, but two identical birds under two identical cars? A bit weirder.

Photo Credit: u/SkicoNow (Reddit)

3. Their synchronized dance routine is coming along great!

Photo Credit: u/verve1994 (Reddit)

4. Someone in Taiwan noticed two herons sitting next to two kingfishers and thought it looked like someone copied and pasted them there.

Photo Credit: u/manaluuu (Reddit)

5. Two stingrays breaching the water at the exact same time? That doesn’t happen every day!

Photo Credit: u/Yaherd_Meigh (Reddit)

6. Higgins and Benson are brothers, but they sure look like the same cat pasted twice.

Photo Credit: u/kattvakt (Reddit)

7. “A few weeks ago I adopted a puppy (right) and today a new dog appeared in front of the door and he looks like he is the same dog from the future and he is trying to warn himself about something.”

Photo Credit: u/Clear-Relief-1424 (Reddit)

8. Weirder still, they assume this position at the same time every single day.

Photo Credit: u/111ruberducky (Reddit)

9. “I am a work of art. ME!”

Photo Credit: waitwhatup (Imgur)

10. It’s never a good sign when the birds start organizing.

Photo Credit: Deleted user (Reddit)

11. Some people never get to meet their doppelganger, but this cat’s doppelganger lives right upstairs.

Photo Credit: u/BoognishWeen (Reddit)

12. Copy, paste. We’re done!

Photo Credit: u/poisonouschimp (Reddit)

13. Imagine you’re just shopping with your one-eyed dog, when suddenly… doppelganger!

Photo Credit: Reddit

14. This is what we call a BIG family reunion!

Photo Credit: u/totzalotz (Reddit)

15. The happiest glitch the Matrix has ever seen.

Photo Credit: u/treslittlebirds99 (Reddit)

Okay, we’re convinced! The Matrix is real, and it’s just a matter of time before we all run into our own doppelgangers. The end.

Source: Inspire More

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Duplicate animals of all kinds. Mom, son or daughter or dad with son exact duplicate. Absolutely beautiful twin, father, son, or mother-daughter. These pictures were absolutely adorable.

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