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Senior Cat Likes Sneaking Out To Relax In Her Neighbor’s Home [Video]



  • Ching and Liana have been neighbors for so long but it was only recently during lockdown that they became close.
  • Ching is a senior cat who lives with 5 other cat siblings and she must’ve thought things have gotten cramped for them when the lockdown started.
  • So she began sneaking into Liana’s house and stayed there to relax and get treated like a queen.

For 17 years, Ching and Liana Peklivanas have lived just across each other’s street. But it was only when the lockdown started that both of them became close.

Ching, the senior cat, has decided to make Liana’s house her second home — lucky for her, Liana doesn’t mind sharing her space.

“She always came for a fuss but never stayed,” Liana told The Dodo. “But since we went into a very strict lockdown in Spain, she started coming every day, crying at the door.”

Ching is treated fairly well at her home, where she lives with her 5 other cat siblings. But she must’ve thought sometimes during lockdown that things have gotten a little cramped, so she decided to sneak out into her neighbor’s home.

Now, every morning, she would get into Liana’s front door and cry until it opens for her. Then she hangs out there as long as she wants until her parents come fetch her. But other times, she doesn’t want to go home yet. 

“She loves it so much here that she’ll run away from [her dad],” Liana said. “The owner thinks it’s amusing that she comes [to get] peace from the other cats. She’s an old lady now after all!”

With Liana, Ching gets her hair brushed, eats special treats, sunbathes peacefully, and is treated pretty much like a queen. 

That’s why when the lockdown is over and Liana has to go back to work, Ching wasn’t happy at all. She’d even follow her and hop in the car.

Photo Credit: @gorgeous_ching (Instagram)

And when Liana  returns home, Ching always happily greets her. “She always greets us at the gate when we return home,” Liana said. “She doesn’t officially live here, but she thinks she does.”

Their relationship is mutual. It was much bearable for Liana to have Ching around during the lockdown — and clearly Ching felt the same way.


“She has such a big and loving personality,” Liana said. “No cat has ever captured my heart the way she has. Her friendship is so pure.”

Source: The Dodo