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Senior Dog Still Gets To Play Fetch Because Dad Lobs Ball A Little Closer [Video]



  • A video of a dad playing fetch with two dogs is making TikTok viewers teary-eyed.
  • For the younger dog, the dad throws the ball far and for the older dog, just a short distance away.
  • The dad’s actions have earned the admiration of viewers as he makes modifications for his senior dog.

This video should come with a warning: Will make you cry!

If we have known a dog or any other animal for a long time, we know that just like humans, they also show signs of aging.  They will not be as fast as they used to or endure long walks and climbing like before.  And the game of fetch may have to be adjusted to accommodate their slower capacities.


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When itsevabarrera posted a video of her husband throwing two balls for their beloved dogs, Aussie and Goldie last August 21, the 5.3 million viewers that it reached could not help but admire the dad.

With ABBA’s “Slipping Through My Fingers” by Ethan Hodges playing in the background, Dad throws the ball far for the younger Australian shepherd Aussie, while gently tossing a second ball nearby for Goldie the Golden retriever.  The senior dog happily wags her tail as she goes after her ball while Aussie sprints to fetch his.


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It is a perfect example of how senior animals can still enjoy their favorite games while taking into consideration their physical capability.

RVT and pet health and behavior editor for Daily Paws, Jenna Stregowski says this dog dad is doing exactly what he’s supposed to when dealing with senior animals. She adds that it is also a reminder that aging is not a disease but requires making modifications to the usual rules of the game. 

Photo by David Moynihan on Unsplash

Stregowski further explains, “Senior dogs can still run and play in the dog park. You just want to make changes to accommodate and keep an eye on them. Physical limits don’t mean they don’t need the same mental stimulation as they used to.”

Shifts in the usual routine are also recommended just like in the video: shorter sprints on fetch and three short walks instead of one long walk in a day.


Indoor games, food puzzles and nose work and introducing new tricks also work.  Learning new tricks involves mental stimulation that senior dogs can look forward to.  Yes, you can teach old dogs new tricks.

While you’re at it, please do have fun devising ways to make your senior pets’ golden years comfortable and stimulating.

Source: Daily Paws