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Sneaky Kitten Swats Baby Monitor When Mom Scolds Her



  • Graycie and Maggie are two mischievous cat siblings.
  • While Graycie loves stealing food, Maggie steals her dad’s art materials.
  • When Graycie was caught in the act by a baby monitor, she proceeded to stare at it and swat it!

Meet Graycie. She’s described by her mom, Allison, as “very outgoing, loving, affectionate, and food-driven.” She’s also well-behaved — except when it comes to food.


“We have to keep an eye out for her or she’ll jump up onto the dining table and partake in her own feast,” Allison told The Dodo.

Graycie, along with her sister Maggie, was adopted by Allison’s family after their two elderly cats passed away. The two kitties have since brightened their new family’s lives with their silly antics.


Graycie is a foodie while Maggie may be an artist. She just loves stealing her dad’s colored pencils!

Maggie has since been dubbed “Maggie the Magpie” after she’s stolen most of her dad’s colored pencils and other desk materials.

The siblings love sleeping in the basement at night. To make sure the two mischievous cats don’t cause any more trouble, their parents decided to set up an old baby monitor to catch them in the act.


Allison shared, “We used that monitor originally for our toddler. We like to turn it on occasionally to check on them and see how they’re doing after they go to bed.”

Soon enough, Graycie was caught in the act of stealing her sister’s food. Allison made sure the sneaky cat knew she was caught, so she scolded her through the baby monitor’s microphone.

Graycie immediately turned around and ran off. As Allison searched for her through the baby monitor, Graycie made sure to confront the mysterious voice.


“I thought she went to the litter so I panned over to find her and that’s when I saw that face,” Allison said. “She continued to swat at the camera a few times and then just sat and stared at it puzzled.”


The sneaky cat siblings have since gotten used to the baby monitor — that is, until their parents talk to them through it.

“As long as nobody is talking to them they don’t bother it,” Allison shared.

Source: The Dodo