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These Sunbathing Pit Bulls Are The Epitome Of Summer Relaxation



As the weather gets hotter, there’s no place more inviting than the water. Imagine, the sun shining on your skin, and sands on your feet while cooling off in the water or the pool. Summer is fun and relaxing!

But nothing beats Olive and Mayo when it comes to relaxing under the sun. These two pit bulls are making the rounds on social media because of their viral TikTok from last month. 

@jennywalker_ These two and their sunbathing.. #pittiesoftiktok #olive&mayo #fyp #summervibes ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

Olive and Mayo’s mom (jennywalker_) posted a video on TikTok showing the two adorable dogs doing what they must love most: sunbathing. In the video, they can be seen on their backs, “T-rexing” their front legs and letting their bellies kissed by the sun as they nap. We are so jealous!

It’s like they are teaching us how to reach the peak of relaxation, even if they were lying on the hard pavement of an outdoor patio. The adorable short clip was just 10 seconds but it’s been viewed nearly 12 million times on TikTok so far. 

Jenny’s account has been focusing mainly on the two pit bulls — now called sun dogs — with several other videos showing them catching some rays. Mayo sometimes gets a little annoyed with her daughter Olive when she gets a little too antsy during sunbathing.

Getting a tan naturally is of course more advisable but just make sure you slather some sun screen. And if you have pets that love the warmth of the sun, see to it that they’re sunbathing safely. There’s also some sunscreen, specially for pets at a local pet store or online.


Olive catching some early morning rays..🏝 her thinks she is so cute🤣🤣 Olive&Mayo #foryou #funinthesun #pittiesoftiktok ♬ You Think I’m Cute? – You Think I’m Cute?

Summer, surely, is fun. But summer days can also be extremely hot that most people prefer lounging around indoors with the air conditioner on full. Whatever you prefer, just be safe, enjoy and hydrate! 


Source: Daily Paws