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Thieving Bear Gets Scared Off by Man’s Primal Scream [Video]



  • A group of friends was spending a relaxing weekend at a cabin in the forest when a bear suddenly approached one of their vehicles.
  • The bear went to the car and opened the door, just like a human would, presumably searching for food.
  • He was completely stopped in his tracks when he heard a man’s primal scream!

Another outing has been interrupted by a bear encounter earlier this month, this time in Asheville, North Carolina.

Jose Luis Ramos Jr. gathered with a few of his friends to spend a relaxing weekend at a cabin in the Dupont Forest.

Photo Credit: Jacob Bean/Facebook

The outing turned out to be less tranquil than they hoped it would be.

A bear had apparently been observing the group as they pulled up to the cabin in their cars.

As the group settled in, the bear decided to take the opportunity to rummage the vehicles for food. He moved from one vehicle to the next, which was a silver Mercedes.

Photo Credit: Jose Luis Ramos Jr./Facebook

It was then that the group noticed an imminent theft.

As Ramos and his friends looked on, the bear proceeded to open the car’s door just like a human would.

Photo Credit: Jose Luis Ramos Jr./Facebook

He was about to rummage through the car when he heard something that completely stopped him in his tracks.

“I started to scream,” Ramos recalled the incident to The Dodo.

That ultimately did the trick!


Guys this is crazy I really didn’t think it was going to get some crazy traction enjoy and yes that’s me screamingPosted by Jose Luis Ramos Jr. on Saturday, May 23, 2020

The bear, having caught red-handed, slowly backed away and abandoned his mission.

Photo Credit: Jose Luis Ramos Jr./Facebook

All was calm again. The car, the bear, and the cabin-goers were all safe thanks to Ramos unleashing his primal scream.

It turns out that yelling is a recommended bear-deterrent technique in some situations, especially since black bears are usually easy to startle.

Ramos shared, “That was the only thing I remember from the Boy Scouts. [The bear] was more scared than I was.”

The bear steered clear of the group for the rest of the trip. But it surely was one unforgettable encounter.

“It’s definitely going to be hard to top that memory,” Ramos remarked.

Source: The Dodo