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This Family Restaurant in Georgia is Known for Its “Giving Board”



  • Stoney’s Family Restaurant in Clarkesville, Georgia started what they call a “Giving Board” where customers can post pieces of papers that represent donations.
  • Then hungry people who can’t afford a meal can get a piece of paper and bring it to the cashier, no questions asked!
  • Because of this, other businesses nearby also wanted to pitch in some help for their community.

The Stoney’s Family Restaurant in Clarkesville, Georgia, is a place filled with good food and overflowing kindness.

For 55 years, they have served healthy food. Now, they want them to do the same for the whole community. Customers can now feed people in need as easily as they order their breakfast.

Photo Credit: 11Alive/YouTube

The restaurant launched a “giving board” in February. On it, they pin pieces of papers with corresponding donations like $5.00 or $10.00. Customers can also participate by paying extra for their meals and drinks.

Photo Credit: Stoney’s Family Restaurant/Facebook

The board reads, “Have a little extra? Leave a meal. Need a hand up? Take a meal!” 

If a hungry person comes in and he can’t afford a meal, he can grab a paper from the board and present it to the counter—no judgment!

For the cashier Ruby Evans, who helped set the board up, it speaks a lot about her community, “That we stick together, we’re a strong community,” she said. “We are looking out for each other.”

Photo Credit: Stoney’s Family Restaurant/Facebook

There’s more good news — the initiative has inspired many businesses to do the same! Alexia Dodson, the owner of a store nearby, said she will do the same.

She shared, “Everyone gets down on their luck, and just having that little support to pick you up can change your entire world.”

“We’re getting ready to start bringing in vouchers for jackets and stuff like that, so families can come in and get a blanket or a coat and come to our store and pick it up.”

We can tell that this act of kindness will go a long way. This should happen all over the world. No one deserves to sleep hungry.

Source: inspireMORE