This smiling pup is the newest internet sensation

  • Layla used to be a shy, scared pup at the Beaumont Animal Care in Texas.
  • No one knew she’d become so famous because of her adorable smile!
  • Her smiling video has been uploaded online, and the whole internet world was captivated!

Forget the Mona Lisa smile — Layla’s about to take over the world’s most famous smile!

When seven-week-old Layla was found in the middle of traffic by Beaumont Animal Care in Texas years back, she was this dainty, tiny puppy. She was alone and anxious, obviously needing some TLC.

Photo Credit: Rachel Barron/The Dodo

Rachel Barron, a tech staff from the center, noticed how timid Layla was, and started to comfort her in any way she could. Then the unthinkable happened.

Layla just flashed the smile of a lifetime!

“When I began to speak in a baby talk kind of voice, she absolutely loved it,” Rachel said. [She] began wagging her tail and then boom, the famous smile. That is when I pulled out my phone to get it on video. It was too cute not to share.”

It was a smile that could launch a thousand ships, and Rachel knew it was Layla’s message of appreciation to the center for saving her.

When Rachel uploaded the video on social media, many people got totally smitten by her adorable smile, and there was just an outpour of love for Layla.  

Photo Credit: Rachel Barron/The Dodo

It wasn’t long after a local family came in to visit Layla, wanting to adopt and be part of their family for good.

Nicole Toney, along with her husband, fell in love with Layla, and were excited to finally bring Layla home.

Photo Credit: Rachel Barron/The Dodo

“She was shy at first, but you could tell she was so sweet and excited,” Nicole said.

Once home, Layla didn’t take long enough to mellow out, and started to get cozy with the rest of Nicole’s family, including their pet dogs. Layla got instant connection, and began playing and running around with the other dogs.

There was warmth and love all around the house, and Layla’s smile made everything even better.

“She’s such a sweetheart and we noticed she even smiles when she’s asleep,” Nicole said.

Source: The Dodo

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