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TikTokers raise $1,100 for kid selling lemonade for soccer dream [Video]



  • Lexy once received a life-changing $1,000 tip as a waitress, so now she’s paying it forward through crowdsourcing challenges on TikTok.
  • For her latest charity, she spotted a kid who was selling lemonades so he can join his soccer team to Portugal.
  • Thanks to her and the community effort, the kid received a total of $1,100!

People working in the service industry are always appreciative of hefty tips. For many, it can be life-changing. So when Lexy Burke received a $1,000 tip as a waitress, she never forgot about it and decided to pay it forward.

Photo Credit: Instagram/lexylately_

The Nashville, Tennessee native decided to start a TikTok Venmo Challenge to raise funds for service industry workers who have fallen on hard times. It was an instant hit — Lexy has since raised $200,000 for over 170 people!

Lexy was looking for the next recipient for the remaining $400 from her most recent Venmo Challenge. She was going out for lunch with her husband, singer/songwriter Austin Burke, when they came across a young man selling lemonade outside in the 102 degrees heat! That’s when they knew that they had found their new beneficiary.


30 mins to raise more money for this kid! Lets do it. #venmochallenge #fyp #lemonadestand #serialtipper ♬ original sound – Lexy Burke

Austin said that he had always wanted to help a kid with a lemonade stand. So, they talked about it on TikTok and asked everyone to raise more funds.

The couple met with the boy, Niko, and asked him if he could wait for them for about an hour. Lexy promised him it would be worth his time. Little did he know, they were simply waiting for the crowdsourced funds to arrive.


Because of yall we get to suprise Niko, working in 102 degree weather with $1100! PART ONE! #lemonade #lemonadestand #venmochallenge #serialtipper #give ♬ Paper Birds (3 min) – Jordan Halpern Schwartz

The pair went to the bank and got $900 total, to which they added $100 to round it up to $1,000. Then another $100 came in as they were making their way back to Niko, so the total came up to $1,100.

When they asked Niko why he set up his lemonade stand, they knew he was the perfect recipient for the “tips.”

Niko told them, “So I play on a competitive soccer team, and I was invited to Portugal with my soccer team, but it was a lot of money. So my dad wanted me to pay for at least half of it.”


Kid raising money for soccer camp selling lemonade gets $1100! Wait til the end 🥹 PART 2 #love #give #venmochallenge #serialtipper #lemonade #lemonadestand #dream #soccer ♬ Paper Birds (3 min) – Jordan Halpern Schwartz

Niko was so surprised when he got all that cash! He was filled with gratitude and immediately hugged Lexy.


He called his dad to tell him the good news, and Lexy joined in the video call to explain what she does.

Lexy told Niko’s dad, “People are just happy to see a hardworking kid, you know? It’s inspiring.”

That week, Lexy and Austin met with Niko and his family. Niko can’t wait to go to soccer camp at Portugal next year.

Photo Credit: Instagram/lexylately_

What’s even better is that he and his family were also inspired to pay their good fortune forward, just like Lexy did!

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