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Tiny Cat Paralyzed From Waist Down Can Now Walk, Run, And Jump



  • When Marie found Charlie, he was so tiny and was paralyzed from his waist down.
  • Marie took him to a veterinarian but the doctor’s suggestion only was to euthanize him.
  • She disagreed and started a GoFundMe for Charlie’s operation which was a success , now Charlie does not only walk, but he can run and jump as well!

Animal rescuers try as much as possible to take in many stray animals into the shelter. But some of these animals have disabilities and get a slim chance to be adopted and find their forever homes.

That’s why when Marie Gutshall from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, spotted a tiny kitten who was paralyzed from the waist down, she was afraid she’s going to experience the same fate in the shelter. So she took him home instead and later named him Charlie.

“I remember thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, he’s so tiny,’” she told The Dodo. But despite his condition he was very active and captured Marie’s heart instantly!

“He ate really well and he was very bright and active,” she said. “Even though he was in a lot of pain and couldn’t use his hind legs, he was just so feisty.”

She brought him to the veterinarian but the doctor’s suggestion only was to euthanize him. Marie disagreed with that and sought help from a few surgeons who were willing to help but it would cost around $10,000-12,000!

Photo Credit: The Dodo

That was just beyond what Marie could spend and she was desperate. So she tried setting up a GoFundMe page and told the cat’s story. To her shock, she received more than 600 donations overnight that totaled to more than what the surgery costs!

So the operation on Charlie’s hind legs was done and the tiny cat trained for months in order to relearn how to walk. All of these milestones were documented from the day he was rescued and struggling to walk until now that he is running and jumping! — which is very inspiring!

Charlie helped Marie realize something in life — that she wanted to rescue others who need help like him.

“After I had Charlie and after we had gone through so much, it kind of opened my eyes to how many at-risk cats and special needs cats are out there,” she said.

Now, she has another three kitties with special needs and Charlie acted as a big brother to them. 

Photo Credit: @charlies__army (Instagram)

“Charlie has been a huge source of inspiration and motivation for the other special needs kittens,” Marie said. “Without Charlie I don’t think I would have had the guts to follow my dream of animal rescue.”

It truly is inspiring to see Charlie’s improvement and Marie’s dedication. We hope that many people should open their hearts to adopting and rescuing animals with special needs and let them experience the joy and love in a forever home!


Source: Inspire More