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Tiny Dog Decides That Halloween Pumpkin Is His New Home Now



  • Pup mom Eugenia Chen thought that it would be a great idea to carve a pumpkin and take a photo of her dog Huxley beside it.
  • But Huxley loved it and immediately dived into the carved pumpkin and decided that it was going to be his home.
  • Huxley even chomped on the insides of the pumpkin and found it delicious as he likes vegetables.

Eugenia Chen is mom to Huxley, a 5-pound Pomeranian pup.  She said that Huxley is the “most outgoing, energetic, joyful little guy” that she has ever met.

The tiny pup loves his tennis balls and puzzle toys and playing with his family at home.  With his toy obsession, Chen thought that for this year, she’ll do something different this Halloween for Huxley. 

Photo Credit: Eugenia Chen

She thought that having a Huxley-sized carved pumpkin and taking a photo of Huxley beside it would be great.

And so, she bought a pumpkin, carved its top and removed the seeds and meat inside it.  When she let Huxley sniff at the pumpkin, she was surprised Huxley dove right inside it!

@huxleythepandapuppy This is Huxley’s pupkin origin story 🎃 I couldn’t stop wheezing 💀 Huxley immediately decided this pumpkin was his new home and no one could tell him otherwise. The fuzzy bum in the air tho… #pandapuppy #pumpkindog #funnydogs #dogsittinginapumpkin #dogdiy ♬ original sound – Huxley the Panda Puppy🐼🐶(pandaloon

The pup made himself comfortable inside the pumpkin and curled up into a ball. Huxley also nibbled on the pumpkin which he found delicious.

Chen said, “He discovered that he’d won the jackpot: a house made of food!” Chen added, “He loves vegetables and boxes, which may be part of why he loves pumpkins and climbing inside.”

And Huxley was so excited to tell his mom he loved the pumpkin as he popped his head up with a huge smile on his face.  He is even refusing to budge out of the pumpkin! This was his home now.

@huxleythepandapuppy Sometimes ppl say “he’s just a dog” but he’s not. He’s a bumblebee and I stand by that. 🐝 Huxley loves pumpkins so we took him to the best pumpkin patch in our area. 🎃🐶 The marigold maze wasn’t so much it a maze as rows of marigolds but they were a cute spot for a bumblebee photo. Fresh kettle corn was 🤌 I love fall festivities and I’m kinda sad they’re ending. 😩 #pumpkindog #dog #puppy #cutepets #dayinthelife ♬ Up Beat (Married Life) – Kenyi

Chen said, “I was nervous that the pumpkin would be hard for him to move comfortably, but he was happy to stay inside.” Huxley can even easily go inside and pop out when he likes.

Now, Chen can have not just a photo of Huxley beside it, but tons of photos and videos of Huxley enjoying the pumpkin.  And even if it is not Halloween, they know that Huxley would enjoy chomping and sleeping on the amazing and edible pumpkin.

Source: The Dodo