Tired mama cat brings kittens to dog for babysitting [Video]

Tired mama cat brings kittens to dog for babysitting

  • Lauren was surprised to see Toby the dog surrounded by kittens one day.
  • It turns out that the mama cat keeps bringing her kittens to him whenever she needs some rest.
  • Toby may look unsure of what’s happening, but he is actually good at his babysitting job.

Caring for kids is a full-time job. So when moms need a well-deserved rest, it helps to have someone they trust to do the babysitting.

Toby the dog ended up becoming a surprise babysitter when a mama cat brought her kittens to him.


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In the beginning of the video, it seemed like Toby and his human mom, Lauren, had absolutely no idea what was going on.

The pup just found himself surrounded by the tiny kittens while the mama cat lounged near them in the dog bed.

Everything became clear moments later when the mama cat got up to fetch another kitten — only to drop him off onto the dog bed to join his siblings.

Tired mama cat brings kittens to dog for babysitting
Photo Credit: TikTok/ljayne7

We can see Toby looking unsure of what to do with the kittens. He seems like a natural at babysitting, though. He doesn’t really need to do much.

It turns out that the mama cat always brings her kittens over to Toby whenever she “needs a little break.”

Photo Credit: TikTok/ljayne7

Lauren was amazed that Toby managed to stay still that long. She added that Toby has become the kittens’ “unqualified uncle who is just trying his best to help.”

She shared that the border collie and Australian shepherd mix has been “cat-tested” before, so Lauren and the mama cat can rest well knowing that the kittens are in good care.

Toby also has his own puppy, Bruno, to look after, but he still finds time to enjoy fun activities, such as swinging. Take a look at some father and son time:

One viewer praised Toby for caring for the little ones, writing, “Toby has his OWN child and STILL taking care of hers 😂 what a guy.”

Good job, Toby!

Source: Daily Paws

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