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Today Show Marries NYC Nurses On Live TV, Hoda Kotb Officiates [Video]



  • NYC Nurses Vanessa Baral and Herwyn Silva postponed their wedding ceremony because of the global pandemic, especially since the bride contracted coronavirus the month before while treating patients.
  • Today’s Hoda Kotb married the couple and arranged for a one-of-a-kind outdoor wedding together with the couple.
  • Today Show is sending the couple on seven-day honeymoon in Fiji next year.

Vanessa Baral and Herwyn Silva postponed their wedding ceremony because of the global pandemic. Both are medical and allied health professionals working in separate hospitals but this common ground pushes their relationship forward, even more so in today’s situation.

“It’s really comforting to have someone that understands what you go through at home and at work,” Herwyn said.

Herwyn proposed last year. From then on, the betrothed couple started wedding preparations and scheduled the ceremonies before the global pandemic derailed their wedding plans.

With their original wedding plans out the window, this does not mean that their wedding is canceled further. Today’s Hoda Kotb surprised the couple and arranged for an outdoor wedding together with the couple. This is to thank them for their work as healthcare heroes too!

The bride contracted coronavirus treating patients but recovered after two weeks from testing positive. However, the couple decided to limit attending wedding guests.

“We didn’t know if we were gonna be carriers and we definitely didn’t want to spread that to our family. It was something bigger than us and we knew we had to act on that accordingly,” Herwyn added.

Only a few family members were invited to attend the ceremonies physically, but friends and colleagues from their respective hospitals were on video call to celebrate this special moment with the couple.

Al Roker appeared on-screen to announce another surprise for the couple.

“We know that you were forced to postpone your wedding and obviously had to cancel your honeymoon, so we wanted to make sure you got to take one,” Al explained.

The surprise was revealed afterward. Today show is sending the couple on a seven-night stay at the Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa for the honeymoon. This is scheduled for the following year.

“You guys deserve a trip of pure relaxation for healthcare heroes like you two, who now are one,” Al said.

Source: People