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Twitter Users Support Boy who Asked Santa if God Will Still Love Him for Being Gay



  • Generous souls get a chance to take the role of Santa and fulfill kids’ Christmas wishes through USPS Operation Santa.
  • These mystery benefactors can look through children’s letters to Santa and anonymously fulfill their wishes.
  • When Twitter users saw a kid’s letter to Santa asking if God will still love him even if he was gay, they jumped to his support!

USPS Operation Santa allows people to look through kids’ letters to Santa and fulfill their wishes anonymously. Last year, mystery benefactors generously sent out more than 11,000 Christmas gifts to kids in need!

This year, one such letter got the attention of Twitter users. A boy named Will wrote to Santa to ask if God will still love him for being gay.

The letter was shared on Twitter by Nancy Cruz-Garcia who came upon it on USPS’s designated website for Operation Santa. “This letter to Santa broke my heart,” she said.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Nancy Cruz-Garcia

“Ima cry reading all these letters. Kids are so precious. I can’t,” she wrote in a follow-up tweet.

Her Twitter post has since received more than 200,000 likes and over 22,000 retweets.

The replies were a mix of a lot of things. A lot of people got emotional and related to Will, while some got into heated arguments about religion and acceptance. Others even doubted how the boy already knew he was gay at a young age. Some were simply confused about how she came upon a letter to Santa. Still, most of Twitterverse came to Will’s support.

One comment read, “That is the most heartbreaking thing. And the worst part is that if this kid is asking this, then there is a huge chance they might not be receiving the love they need.”

A Twitter user who could relate to Will said, “YES WILL. YES SANTA LOVES YOU. Also, God loves you. Jesus loves you. Period. No asterisks. No notes. Just love. I wish I knew that at Will’s age.”


One user who was determined to fight for Will demanded, “WHO IS TELLING THESE QUEER CHILDREN THAT SANTA DOESNT LOVE THEM?”

One responded, “Who do I have to fight for this little one? I came here to fight. I am in shambles,” followed by a GIF of a person crying. Another user shared a crying GIF with the caption, “Will, Santa’s gon tell God for you baby.”

Another offered an affirming statement: “Dear Will, Santa does support the LGBTQ+ community because he has special helpers to makes sure they know they are loved. I promise.”

Dealing with Twitter people can be a mixed bag, but it’s heartwarming to know that despite differences, there will always be people who unconditionally offer their support.

You can start adopting letters to fulfill kids’ Christmas wishes on December 4.

Source: Tank’s Good News