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Uber Driver Gives Free Haircuts to People In Need



  • Joshua is an Uber driver, but his passion is doing haircuts for other people. 
  • And he does it for free to those people in need like the homeless, and the military veterans. 
  • The best thing about it besides being free of charge, his passion helps transforms many lives.

Joshua Santiago drives Uber in order to pay his bills. But when he’s not behind the wheels, he’s doing what he is very passionate about — giving haircuts. 

The best thing about this man from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is he’s doing this to people in need, for free. 

He launched his own nonprofit organization in 2017. It’s called Empowering Cuts — which aims to give haircuts to “homeless, military veterans, children, and families who are experiencing financial hardships.”

The most important thing about it aside from the new look is, he gives them new confidence and a sense of a new start. 

Photo Credit: Empowering Cuts (Facebook)

What inspired him to do this is his own childhood story. Growing up, he had missed the barber shop because his family couldn’t even afford to take him there. His dad always tried to cut his hair with his best, he would always “mess it up…”

So he decided to learn how to do a haircut and become a barber himself! He practiced hands-on at shelters and he saw how it transformed the residents, not just only physically, but also emotionally and mentally. That’s why he was inspired to do it for free. 

Photo Credit: Empowering Cuts (Facebook)

So far, he has given over 7,500 free haircuts to more than 20 different cities across the country. And he has no plans to stop soon. In fact, he bought an RV that he would be transforming into a mobile haircut shop so he could further his cause. 

“For me, honestly, being able to provide a free haircut to somebody that couldn’t afford it meant more to me than to actually receive money for it,” he said.

Photo Credit: Empowering Cuts (Facebook)

Seeing how he changes lives with his passion, he is driven even more. 

“A lot of times when they get out of the chair they are crying,” he added. “You got a lot of people saying, ‘I want to sign myself into recovery right now.’”

It’s incredible how a simple thing can be so big for other people. Joshua just proves that, when you do something from the heart, it will impact others in such beautiful ways! Keep going!

Source: Inspire More