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Unlikely Partnership: Alpacas Alert Guard Dogs When Coyotes Are On The Ranch [Video]



  • In a California ranch, livestock guardian dogs have formed a partnership with alpacas to warn them against roaming coyotes and other animals.
  • The alpacas can see above the high, heavy grasses near the farm and issue high-pitch sounds as an alarm for the dogs to respond to.
  • The alarm system has been effective as in the past 6 years, no farm animal has fallen victim to a coyote attack.

According to Samantha Draper from the Raventree Ranch, coyotes are very common in their area. “Our ranch is surrounded by empty fields with high, heavy grasses where coyotes freely travel and use as denning areas.”

@raventreeranch The alpacas only danger alert when they see coyotes or loose strange dogs. #livestockguardiandog #anatolianshepherddog #farm #anadoluçobanköpeği #farm #alpacas #coyotes ♬ original sound – Raventree Ranch

Draper added, “Coyotes are especially active this time of year because it is mating season…[the] coyotes are more bold and [are] expanding their territory.”

Fortunately, in the six years that their three livestock guardian dogs Bo, Lily and Judge, who are Anatolian Shepherds, have been on duty, they have not lost any farm animals to coyote attacks.

Photo Credit: @raventreeranch (TikTok)

The dogs have formed an unusual relationship with the alpacas who have served as their early warning devices when they see something far off before it can approach their fence and do harm.

The alpacas’ long necks allow them to see any animal hiding in the high dense grass.

Photo Credit: @raventreeranch (TikTok)

In the video, the dogs respond to the alpacas’ high-pitch sounds and bark to fend off the coyotes.

Draper explained, “It’s a great way for wildlife and farm animals to coexist because coyotes are risk averse and generally don’t want to suffer injury or death to take on large Anatolian Shepherds. A warning from our livestock guardian dogs is enough for coyotes to move on.”

The farm is home to alpacas, sheep, miniature cows, turkeys, chickens, goats, a miniature donkey and a miniature mule— food for the coyotes.

Source: Newsweek