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UPS drivers gift 2-year-old supporter his own mini UPS truck [Video]



  • Marco Elizondo, two years old, has been so fond of UPS.
  • Every morning when he and his mom pass by a UPS company, Marco would always wave to the drivers.
  • The drivers appreciated the little boy’s support and gifted him a little UPS car of his own!

A two-year-old boy’s amusement over a UPS hub has led him to have his very own miniature UPS truck.

Before Christmas of last year, Marco Elizondo of Chula Vista, California started to get fascinated over UPS. This fondness grew even more when he and his mom began passing through a UPS company hub during their morning jogs — feeding his eyes with the beautifully-built huge cars.

“All of a sudden we were seeing UPS drivers on the way home and leaving. It was just like UPS on steroids all of a sudden,” Marco’s mom Clarissa Alcazar told 10News.

Since then, those morning walks have become Marco’s favorite thing on the planet. Soon after, they started intentionally visiting the shipment hub, staying outside for a few moments to wave to the drivers.

Photo Credit: GMA

“He was floored. I mean he was so excited. It was the coolest thing and so we just made it part of our routine,” Clarissa added.

The sight of cute little Marco, on standby for the trucks to pass right in front of him so he could say his hello, didn’t go unnoticed for one of the drivers, Ron Jimenez.

“To see somebody who’s appreciative of us and give us a kind smile and a wave that starts our day off with just a bang, and it brings hope back to us,” Ron said.

Moved, the crew decided to gift Marco with a truck of his own, a little toy car they converted into a mini UPS truck. They gave it a complete overhaul with all their emblems and stickers. The truck number is even personalized to indicate the little boy’s birthday!

Photo Credit: GMA

“Every time I have that thought, I get emotional about it. He is so special to me that being able to share him with other people and give them joy, it’s just, I have no words to describe how awesome that is,” Ron explained.

Marco was as delighted with his UPS truck as he is with the real trucks. Instead of using his jogging stroller, Marco now drives his own UPS toy truck and still continues with his morning routine of waving ‘HI’s’ or goodbyes to the drivers.

What a sweet little gesture there, little one.


Source: Inspire More