Viewers In Tears After Woman Finds Out She Can Adopt Her Military Working Dog [Video]

  • U.S. Air Force Veteran and her black German Shepherd MWD named Zeus are work partners.
  • After two years as partners, Zeus retired from active duty.
  • Sidney drove 12 hours to be at the ceremony and later learned that she can finally adopt Zeus for good and give him his forever home.

The bond that is formed between dogs and their owners is beyond words.  It can be described as loyal, unbreakable, heartwarming and forever, or until they pass away. 

Such is the bond between Police K9s and Military Working Dogs (MWDs) and their handlers.  They go through training and danger together they are at heart and mind, partners and best friends. Happy Retirement, Zeusz πŸ₯Ή I love you so much #k9softiktok #dogsoftiktok #mwd #miltok ♬ To Build A Home – The Cinematic Orchestra & Patrick Watson

A black German Shepherd named Zeus and U.S. Air Force Veteran has this relationship.  And Sidney could not help but fall in love with her partner Zeus even if theirs was a working relationship.  That is why even if she had to drive 12 hours to be with Zeus at his retirement ceremony, she had to be present.

During the whole ceremony, she was holding back tears as she and Zeus have been partners for 2 years and they have not seen each other for 3 months.  And now, she had to leave him again.

Photo by Alexandre Boucey on Unsplash

But she fought and prayed that they would be together again.  And when she learned that she can adopt Zeus and give him his forever home, she could not help but let the tears flow.  And so did we!

@crzyunicornlady summed it for us with her comment, “The way you look at him πŸ₯Ί,” “That dog is about to have the most amazing life. Congratulations on retirement Zeusz!”

Photo Credit: (TikTok)

Nobody deserves Zeus but you,!

Source: Pet Helpful

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I am an Air Force vet and retired from active duty. I think that’s the best news I’ve heard in awhile. Congratulations and enjoy your friend.😍 I was not a dog handler but I worked closely with many handlers and their great partners.

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