Watch patient dog waits for his dad to say blessing before eating [Video]

  • Some dogs can be impatient when it comes to food.
  • One Border Collie waits patiently for his dad to finish saying a blessing before he eats his meal.
  • The dog even holds his dad’s hand during the blessing.

Some dogs are more patient than others when it comes to eating. But wait until you see this Border Collie’s reaction to his father’s blessing before he digs into his meal. 

The video was posted to TikTok’s @cutedogzonly account, and it’s maybe one of the cutest things we’ve seen yet. The dog jumps up to the table and goes to hold his father’s hand while the blessing is said in the video. It’s precious in every way.


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If him staying there holding hands with his father and waiting for him to conclude the blessing wasn’t heartwarming enough, the respectful manner in which he proceeded to eat makes this video much more touching. At the end of the video, we learned his name is Willy, and it’s an understatement to say that Willy has better table manners than most youngsters and adults.

TikTok users are naturally going crazy with this one, and who wouldn’t be? If you ask us, it’s simply fascinating. There have been numerous remarks about how wonderful Willy is, and many people have mentioned what a good pup he is! Everyone is smitten with this pup.

@Starz_Bella wrote, “Omg, I’m in love ????.”

And @Gabriella said, “Never tell him he’s a dog. He’s precious.”

@lanaleakizilarslan spoke for all of us by saying, “Sweetest thing I’ve seen all day ????????.”

Given what a well-behaved, impeccably mannered dog Willy is, we hope he gets additional treats after each meal. Everyone can learn a thing or two from him about pausing to be thankful for what they have.

Source: Pet Helpful

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