Watch this dog throw a tantrum because mom won’t take her to the park [Video]

  • A fur mom refused to take her dog to the park.
  • The disappointed dog threw a tantrum.
  • A video of the dog’s outburst has gained over 4.4 million views on TikTok. 

It is true what they say about dogs being like children who never grow up (and they never really get fully potty-trained either). 

If you need more proof, check out this video from a woman on TikTok who captured her Doberman Percy’s outburst when she wasn’t permitted to go to the park.

Percy was furious when her owner, Irene (@irenesusername), told her no, and she wasn’t going to back down.

 “Throwing a temper tantrum because I won’t take her to the park because she’s sick AND in heat,” the video’s text overlay read.

In the caption, Irene wrote: “My girl doesn’t understand the word rest day.” 

The video shows a clearly irritated Percy pleading with her mother to reconsider.

The dog understands exactly what she wants! People in the comments section were amused at Percy’s outburst.

“People think Huskies are dramatic… NAH, get yourself a Doberman,” wrote @poppygriffiths_. 

“She’s trynna convince you she’s not sick while sniffling and coughing,” @clairemader531 commented.

Irene and Percy were both startled when the video became viral, with over 4.4 million views in total. 

“Percy can’t believe that her temper tantrum got a million views. She’s a lil’ embarrassed,” wrote Irene in a follow-up video. 

Hopefully, this implies Percy has learned her lesson. If you’re going to whine, do it when there’s no camera.

Source: Pet Helpful

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