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Weather Broadcast Features Sleeping Dog in the Background, Another Working from Home Story



  • This meteorologist reporting the weather forecast from home introduces his pets in his broadcasts, entertaining his viewers at home.
  • This started after internet users gushed over dogs, sleeping on a doggy sofa, shown in the background of a weather report broadcast from Fox 4 in Dallas, Texas.
  • For this weatherman, displaying his dogs on their couch is like showcasing trophies and awards.

The coronavirus sent people home indefinitely. This also means altercations in work routines now that the working force adapts, working from home, following policies from health experts to slow the spread of the virus.

This new routine makes pets happy about the time their owners spend indoors, but many people working from home will find out how challenging it can be to work alongside their pets. These furry coworkers can be distracting, disruptive to the office… or they can add something new to your day. This is the case for Evan Andrews, meteorologist reporting the weather forecast in Fox 4 in Dallas, Texas.

Evan had his home office set up for the weather forecast, video recorded from his home. The broadcast proceeds as arranged before one viewer commented on something in the background of his video.

Said viewer wrote on Reddit, “The weather man’s dog had a small dog couch,” attached to the post is a picture of the man delivering the weather report and his dogs in the background, sleeping on the doggy sofa.

The weather man dog had a small dog couch from r/aww

“With a bone pillow, melts my heart,” read the top comment. “It was the best thing I have seen on tv,” the original poster agreed. The Reddit post quickly went viral, with people everywhere agreeing that the fact Evan had arranged his shot to include the tiny dog bed was just plain adorable!

The incident was accidental at first, but after the reaction from the audience about the dog and his couch, the weatherman leaned in to join the fad.

He then introduced the entire line up from his pet menagerie, the two dogs, a cat, and a tortoise to everybody watching in their homes. He says that, because of how amused people are, he started to include his pets in his weather segments.

“Considering everything going on in the world nowadays, this is about the best news that’s on the news every day. I just let [my pets] roam freely in the background,” Evan tweeted.

The weatherman says, “the couch has a story,” after one pet store employee mentioned how expensive the doggy couch is, explaining that it was a birthday present for his wife, from her aunt.


For him, displaying his dogs in the background trumps how others showcase their Emmy’s and many on the internet agree: pets are more enjoyable to look at than any awards or trophies.

The continued videos featuring his pet dogs, let us all in on a secret many of those working from home has become all too familiar with:

Who needs pants when your officemates are this cute?

Source: Inspire More